Our Vision

Our goal is to establish ourselves as a one-stop recreational studio (Good Times DIY Lifestyle Studio). This is to provide a good place for the public so that everyone can spend quality time together and strengthen their relationships.

We concentrate on creating activities that are both healing and appropriate for both adults and children. We anticipate more opportunities and growth in the future, beginning with DIY baking in 2018, followed by DIY pottery in 2020.

The weekends are ideal for re-calibrating our lives to our preferences. We hope that all Good Times DIY Lifestyle Studio customers can find their favorite lifestyles here. We are determined with our original intention so that we can provide quality service to every customer continuously. We are determined to provide happiness to our customers.

Values Created

We deeply feel that our initiatives for continuous efforts come from the happiness and the positive response from our customers. We will not have anyone playing the phones in our stores.

Parents and children can be seen baking happily together. You can also see the parents’ joy and pride when their children are able to bake! When best friends and couples are having fun and taking pictures, you can see their joyful moments. Is it true that our customers only benefit from the baking recipe? NO, our customers benefit from much more.

It is a healing experience, happiness, sense of accomplishment, and blissful moment = Good Times.

We will continue our journey in the future to:

-Provide quality service to every customer so that everyone is able to enjoy quality time.

-Develop healthy and popular baking recipes continuously.

-Establish Good Times DIY Lifestyle Studio in every city so that we are able to promote this beneficial activity to every place in Malaysia.


Do you have any feedback? Please feel free to get in touch with us!