Welcome to Our Tufting Studio

From fun baking, pottery, and now we have another relaxing option for you! GoodTimes DIY Tufting is now open in MyTown Shopping Center Cheras and Paradigm Mall PJ, just nearby our baking studio. Tufting Workshop for arts and crafts lover. Individual or group are welcome to experience some tuft love!

What is Tufting?

According to the dictionary, a tuft is a collection of brief bits of material, like grass or hair, that are kept together at the base or grow tightly together. Thus, tufting is a sort of textile weaving in which the fundamental base is inserted with thread or yarn.

We’ll take you on a journey to explore this classic craft form using a tool we like to dub a “Tufting Gun” to speed up the process. A tufting gun, cloth, different colours of acrylic yarn, rug tufting frames, fabric adhesive, and felt finishes will be provided. And we will also assist you during the process.

Self-cultivation from tufting

You will learn how to use the tufting gun in this class to make a modern rug or piece of wall art that you can proudly claim as your own. After learning the fundamentals of using the gun, you’ll be able to carefully hand-make your own unique rug, one fluffy tuft of yarn at a time, by creating rows of stitches on one end and seeing them grow on the other.

Through such activities, we hope to relieve the pressure of life for modern busy urbanites, and at the same time achieve the effect of self-cultivation. So, come and book your seat now!

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