Welcome to Our Pottery Studio

Busy urbanites, apart from shopping, watching movies, and outdoor sports, what else can we do for relaxing?

Welcome to our DIY Pottery Studio, our newly established pottery studio is located in the Paradigm Mall PJ branch. Ladies and gentlemen, let’s come together to learn pottery craft!

Inspire your inner peace

We offer classes to individuals on a one-time basis, as an experience, or for those interested in signing up for a lesson package. Mental wellness elements are infused into classes to help students find inner peace through the art of pottery making.

Immerse yourself in the process of throwing on the potter’s wheel and hand building your own wares from clay. Our classes are appropriate for both beginners and advanced students, and students learn from our experienced senior potters. Come and be amazed at what your hands can do!

Are you stressed about your job or your life’s expectations? Come relax with us at our mindful pottery class, where we’ve created a pottery curriculum with experienced pottery master to help you unwind.

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