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Nanyang Polytechnic Singapore’s DIY Pottery and Tufting Team Building Event

Our studio recently buzzed with unmatched energy and creativity, thanks to a spectacular Pottery + Tufting Event organized by the dynamic team from Nanyang Polytechnic Singapore. The event was a melting pot of talent, enthusiasm, and artistic expression, showcasing the beauty and versatility of pottery and tufting. Participants engaged in the transformative process of pottery […]

Embrace the Holiday Spirit with Creative Endeavors: Pottery, Tufting, and Art

As the holiday season approaches, it’s time to embrace the joy and warmth it brings, not just through traditional celebrations but also by tapping into our creative spirits. This festive season, why not indulge in the artful realms of pottery, tufting, and painting? Here’s why these activities should be on your holiday to-do list. Unleash […]

Discover the Art Activities at Toppen Johor Bahru

In the heart of Toppen Johor Bahru, a creative revolution is brewing. Welcome to Good Times DIY & Lifestyle Studio, where the worlds of pottery, tufting, and art painting converge to provide an unparalleled crafting experience.   Unleashing Your Inner Potter Pottery has stood the test of time, both as a functional craft and a […]

From Relaxation to Skill-building: The Benefits of Fun Rug Tufting Activities

Rug tufting is not only a technique used to create beautiful and functional rugs but can also be a fun and rewarding activity. Whether you are looking to try a new hobby or spend quality time with friends and family, rug tufting offers many benefits beyond just creating rugs. In this blog post, we will […]