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A Delicious Collaboration: GoodTimesDIY and Resepi Shafiqcute

GoodTimesDIY recently had the pleasure of collaborating with the renowned Chef Shafiq for a spectacular baking event, and what a delightful experience it was! Chef Shafiq, known for his culinary brilliance and passion for baking, brought a unique flair to our kitchen, transforming the event into a remarkable success. The collaboration highlighted the magic that happens […]

Hop Into Easter with Cookie Art at Good Times DIY Baking Studio

This Easter, bring your creativity to Good Times DIY Baking Studio and craft your own scrumptious, artful treats! Join our fun-filled Easter Cookie Painting Workshop, perfect for families, friends, or anyone who loves a sweet challenge! Decorate delicious pre-baked sugar cookies in an Easter theme. Unleash your creativity with painting your cookies with vibrant edible […]

Nanyang Polytechnic Singapore’s DIY Pottery and Tufting Team Building Event

Our studio recently buzzed with unmatched energy and creativity, thanks to a spectacular Pottery + Tufting Event organized by the dynamic team from Nanyang Polytechnic Singapore. The event was a melting pot of talent, enthusiasm, and artistic expression, showcasing the beauty and versatility of pottery and tufting. Participants engaged in the transformative process of pottery […]

Today’s Christmas Cupcake Decoration Workshop at GoodTimesDIY

Get ready to deck the halls and walls! Today at GoodTimesDIY, we’re diving into the festive spirit with our Christmas Decoration Workshop. It’s the perfect day to unleash your creativity and add a personal touch to your holiday decor. From sparkling ornaments to whimsical wreaths, our workshop is designed for all ages and skill levels. […]

GoodTimesDIY Baking Studio’s Record-Breaking Day: Baking Magic with 60 Students

November 3rd marked a monumental day at GoodTimesDIY Baking Studio, as 60 students embarked on a mission to bake the most chocolate cookies ever in a single day. The Essence of Baking and Teamwork From Dough to Delicious Triumph, the studio buzzed with energy as students mixed, rolled, and baked, transforming into a haven of […]

Crafting Traditions: Mooncake Workshop at GoodtimesDIY Studio

Mooncake, a symbol of reunion and happiness, is traditionally celebrated during the Mid-Autumn Festival. At GoodtimesDIY Studio, we host a magical Mooncake Workshop, providing an exciting opportunity for participants to dive hands-on into the art of mooncake making.   Engage in Tradition: Our Mooncake Workshop isn’t merely a baking class; it’s a delightful immersion into […]

Creating Magical Memories with GoodTimesDIY’s Barbie Cupcake Workshop

July has been a whirlwind of pink, sparkles, and delightful memories at GoodTimesDIY. With the Barbie trend taking the world by storm, we decided to host our very own Barbie Cupcake Decoration Event over the past weekend at Horizon Hills. It was a weekend full of laughter, learning, and most importantly, love for baking. Creating […]

Corporate Team Building Event of Huawei MSSC

Besides the quirky costumes, there are special baking activities for Halloween events actually. Thanks to the team from Huawei, who participated in our team building activities on 3rd Nov, and everyone also spent an unforgettable moment through Halloween modeling baking. GoodtimedDIY helps you plan a fun and memorable company event, whether you want to come […]

Need a On Site Event? Book GoodtimesDIY Baking Workshop Now

Children and parents had enjoyed a “spooktacular” workshop in the pass weekend at Tiffin. Wishing you a Halloween filled with special treats and lots of exciting tricks! Need a special on site activity? We will special arrange for you, team building activities, birthday parties, welcome to contact us.                […]