Our beginning of the story

By chance, we came upon a unique concept called DIY Baking Studio while travelling abroad. We can enjoy baking lessons right away from a number of options here because we have the ability to choose when it is convenient for us.

We can take one-time baking classes without having to pay expensive costs. All you have to do is follow the instructions on the tablet, and you’ll be able to bake quickly and happily!

~Baking for everyone, the new concept give you extraordinary DIY baking experience.~

This whole new DIY concept allows beginners to learn and enter the world of baking without spending money to buy expensive equipment. In another way, we create a CO-SHARING environment, to provide everyone good quality equipment and ingredients.

From the first store to fifth outlets in 3 years time.

In 2018, we established our headquarters at MyTown Shopping Centre in Kuala Lumpur. The first branch opened in 2019 at Paradigm Mall in Petaling Jaya. In 2020, the second branch will open at Paradigm Mall Johor Bahru. We launched our first pottery studio, Good Times DIY Pottery Studio, in the end of 2020. The fifth store is getting ready to open.

One of the largest baking studio in Malaysia with the most choice of baking.

We do regular research and development for new products in our operations. To date we have more than 60 choices available. We possess the most choices for baking among baking studios in the market. We provide affordable price so that everyone can enjoy the happiness of baking.

Let’s come by and enjoy the satisfaction of baking at anytime!

We have 4 categories, namely Easy Level, Intermediate Level, Advanced Level, and Special Theme. Our products are customized based on the client’s favorite, age and ability. Our activities are suitable for kids (2 years old and above), teenagers, adults and the senior citizens.

We never compromise on the quality and taste of end products. All desserts in our stores are made of quality ingredient, pure butter and no chemical additives. We believe that everyone hopes to bring good health to our beloved.

This co-sharing mode can reduce the burden of buying expensive baking tools. Everyone can complete the desserts making in a nice environment and share the happiness with our family and friends.

Great & clean place for baking, my daughter just 3 years old, she enjoy & have fun there, the staff are polite and friendly. Highly recommend for parents who wanna let their kids try baking by their own.

Elsa Moimoi

My girls enjoyed their hands-on baking experience at Paradigm Mall. The clean & colorful baking studio. Big thanks to the friendly staff checking in case help is needed. Keep up the great job!

LeeLiie Tan

Highly recommending this place. Nice and clean environment with very helpful staffs. Recipes are easy to follow, and my girls and I had a really wonderful bonding time. Thumbs up to Chloe and team!

Jasmine Lum

My kids and I have a lot of fun learning how to bake here. The environment is clean and the essentials are well organized. Many choices to choose from, and with the guidance of the instructors. One of the highly recommended place for a parent-kids bonding activities.

Gem Yen

The place is comfortable, staffs are friendly & has experience dealing with kids, easy to follow step-by-step guide to bake, very well equipped kitchen and the special Pororo session with the real life figure appearance is a bonus to my girl who is big fan. Recommended for family bonding time. Love it

Stephanie Saw

Happy experience both me and my kids have! Nice place and very well equipped, friendly and helpful staff, easy and delicious recipes that kids can do mostly by themselves.

Cindy Choi

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