Nanyang Polytechnic Singapore’s DIY Pottery and Tufting Team Building Event

Our studio recently buzzed with unmatched energy and creativity, thanks to a spectacular Pottery + Tufting Event organized by the dynamic team from Nanyang Polytechnic Singapore. The event was a melting pot of talent, enthusiasm, and artistic expression, showcasing the beauty and versatility of pottery and tufting.

Participants engaged in the transformative process of pottery and the colorful world of tufting, creating pieces that were as unique as their creators. The event was not just about crafting art but also about the joy of learning, sharing, and community building.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Nanyang Polytechnic Singapore for choosing our studio for this collaboration. Your faith in our space and the opportunity to host such talented individuals was a great honor.

The success of this event has only fueled our passion for more such creative gatherings. So, stay tuned for future events, and continue to craft your dreams into reality. Here’s to many more days of creativity, fun, and fruitful partnerships!