Discover the Magic of Fluid BearBrick at Good Times Pottery & Craft Studio

Greetings, art lovers and craft enthusiasts!

Have you ever imagined combining the allure of BearBrick with the magic of fluid art? We did, and we’re excited to introduce the Fluid BearBrick experience at Good Times Pottery & Craft Studio!

Fluid Art Meets Iconic Design

BearBrick, an iconic figure in the design world, takes on a new avatar in the form of a canvas for fluid art at our studio. The unique contours and dimensions of BearBrick provide an unconventional, yet captivating, canvas for your fluid art expressions.


No Experience? No Problem!

Whether you’re an expert in fluid art or a curious newbie, our studio caters to all skill levels. The versatility of BearBrick combined with the free-flowing nature of fluid art ensures that every piece is as unique as the artist behind it.

Dive into a Mesmerizing Artistic Experience

Let your imagination run wild as you drench your BearBrick in a riot of colors and patterns. Watch as the colors swirl, merge, and form patterns that are as unpredictable as they are beautiful.

Don’t miss out on this innovative art experience! Join us at Good Times Pottery & Craft Studio and create your very own Fluid BearBrick masterpiece.