Crafting Traditions: Mooncake Workshop at GoodtimesDIY Studio

Mooncake, a symbol of reunion and happiness, is traditionally celebrated during the Mid-Autumn Festival. At GoodtimesDIY Studio, we host a magical Mooncake Workshop, providing an exciting opportunity for participants to dive hands-on into the art of mooncake making.


Engage in Tradition:

Our Mooncake Workshop isn’t merely a baking class; it’s a delightful immersion into a beloved tradition. Participants engage with the rich cultural history of mooncakes while experiencing the joy of creating these delightful treats themselves.


Hands-On Learning:

With expert guidance from our experienced instructors, each participant learns the step-by-step process of crafting beautiful and delicious mooncakes. From preparing the dough, implanting the fillings to the final baking process, we ensure a supportive and enjoyable learning environment for all.


For Everyone:

Whether you’re a seasoned baker or a complete beginner, our workshop is designed for all skill levels. The Mooncake Workshop at GoodtimesDIY Baking Studio is perfect for families, friends, or individuals looking to participate in the joyous celebration of the Mid-Autumn Festival.