Discover the Art Activities at Toppen Johor Bahru

In the heart of Toppen Johor Bahru, a creative revolution is brewing. Welcome to Good Times DIY & Lifestyle Studio, where the worlds of pottery, tufting, and art painting converge to provide an unparalleled crafting experience.


Unleashing Your Inner Potter

Pottery has stood the test of time, both as a functional craft and a form of artistic expression. At Good Times DIY Studio, beginners and seasoned potters alike can indulge in the therapeutic rhythm of the pottery wheel, molding clay into beautiful, tangible memories.


The Magic of Tufting

A lesser-known but equally captivating art, tufting involves creating textured designs on fabric. Dive into this mesmerizing world and watch as your design blossoms from simple threads into a plush masterpiece.


Art Painting: A Splash of Colors

Whether you’re a newbie artist trying your hand at your first canvas or a practiced painter looking for a new challenge, the art painting sessions at Good Times DIY Studio are tailored for all. With a rainbow of paints at your disposal, the canvas is your oyster.


Why Choose Good Times DIY & Lifestyle Studio?

Beyond just a studio, it’s a community. Nestled in the bustling hub of Toppen Johor Bahru, our space is designed for creatives to connect, collaborate, and create. With expert guidance, top-notch materials, and an environment that breathes inspiration, your crafting journey is set to be nothing short of magical.

Ready to embark on a crafting adventure unlike any other? Whether pottery, tufting, or painting is calling your name, there’s a spot for you at Good Times DIY & Lifestyle Studio. Dive into a world where creativity knows no bounds.