Crafting with Clay: An Introduction to Essential Tools and Equipment of Pottery

Get to know your clay mates! From shaping, trimming to glazing, It’s all about the tools.

Join us as we introduce you to the essential pottery tools and equipment that make this magic possible. Let’s unravel the art of pottery together!

Pottery Wheel

A potter’s wheel is a device that helps shape clay into round objects. It can also trim extra clay from semi-dried pieces and add patterns or colors.


Pottery Bat

A pottery wheel bat is like a flat plate that holds your clay while you shape it. You can lift it off the wheel without messing up your pottery.


Pottery Sponge

Round sponges are the traditional choice for pottery. They have a smooth texture that helps to make your clay look nice and even. Plus, they soak up extra water well.


Trimming Tools

A pottery trimming tool is used to cut and shape clay. It helps in making the pottery smooth and even.


Rubber or Wooden Rib

Pottery ribs help you shape clay whether you’re using a wheel or your hands. They’re good for making the sides of a pottery piece smooth and steady.


Pottery Needle

A pottery needle is a tool with a sharp point used to cut and shape clay when making pottery.


Fettling Knives

These tools help clean up the excess clay and mold marks from pottery. They’re also good for carving and shaping tasks. Some have soft, bendable blades, while others are more rigid, like regular knife blades.


Glazes and Brushes

Pottery glazes are colorful coatings that make pottery shiny and waterproof. Brushes are tools with bristles, used to put the glaze on the pottery.