Meet Our DIY Baking Menu

Our exquisite and delicious baking recipes are special designed for everyone to learn, whether you are an adult or a kid who want to learn baking, our baking studio is suitable for families and groups to enjoy.

Easy Level

Teaches you how to make delicate Moist Chocolate Muffins, Hokkaido Vanilla Cupcakes, Cranberry Cookies, and other beginner-friendly pastries.

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Intermediate Level

In the intermediate recipes, you can learn specialty baked pastries such as Classic French Cheese Tart, Marble Butter Cake, Japanese Soft Cheese Cake……

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Advanced Level

Challenge your baking skills step by step, there are many excellent baked pastries in advanced level recipes waiting for you to challenge.

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Special Theme

The uniquely shaped cake is your child’s favorite,  use your free time to accompany your child to make special Unicorn Rainbow Cake……

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Pinata Cake

Different themed Pinata cakes are a great birthday gift, with a unique, fun and delicious look that you and your kids sure will love it.

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Bread Series

How to bake delicious and delicate bread is a kind of knowledge, we teach you the art of baking bread and all the basic knowledge of bread baking.

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WHY Good Times DIY

We are “MORE” than just a baking studio! An amazing concept where the little bakers measure out their ingredients and take charge of their own recipe from A to Z without making a mess of your kitchen at home! Enjoy & Be Happy in the moment, that’s enough.

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It’s time to get baking!

Come by to our spacious and modern kitchen and get baking with friends and family. You can choose from a wide selection of cakes and cookies menu, and complete it at your own speed with simple step-by-step guide provided.

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